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June 1st

Happy June!

just some things that happened...

  • Donovan put his shoes on with no help at all!

  • The kids were all more patient than I was waiting for the kinetic sand to collapse.

  • There were no rest time shenanigans and everyone slept!

  • Beatrix carried the backpack when Oly quit being the Outside Leader.

  • It took more time to get to LaTourette than we spent there.

  • Occasionally they ask about the candy/gas treats we had back in the day before you-know-what-happened, but not today. And not usually. Honestly I was glad to have an excuse to stop. I don't really know how the candy tradition started as I am not really a candy person.

  • Donovan pooped on the potty and drew a representational picture of his family

  • Oly did the whole schoolbus puzzle before lunch, and put it all away.

  • Malcolm knows a lot of the Lorax by heart. So does Beatrix. It usually makes me cry a little when I read it.

  • While Malcolm snoozed, the rest of us played pass-the-slime. Some of the songs we listened to where: Free to Be, Who Let the Dogs Out, The Big Number Song, The Cookie Jar, Take me Home Country Roads, I've been Working on the Railroad, Dance for the Sun...and that's all I can remember.

  • Oly does not like my smoothies.

  • I may have bribed Malcolm into good friend behavior promising pictures of the Grim Reaper. My bad.

  • It was a pretty good Thursday.

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