• Cara

June 18th

A couple snapshots in our day.


Georgia is sewing a blanket for the homeless people

Vienna is waiting for the glue gun to warm up

Brooks is turning people into stone with his magnet wand

Elvis is building the magna tile duck thing that he's been making every day for the last couple of weeks

Nova is turning letters into robots

Delilah is trying to both sew and hot glue a mask to donate to the homeless shelter


Brooks, Vienna and Elvis have a whole scenario going on with the playdoh, and have been engaged for a long time

Nova is dressing up Rody the horse and herself as well in cowboy attire

Delilah is watching the fish upstairs. She is disappointed that we couldn't quite coordinate and execute a walk to the field

2:00 (Quiet alone activities)

Georgia is sewing a blanket

Nova is building with acrobats

Delilah is building a lego chair (now a miniature bar stool)

Brooks is making flying and crashing lego creations

Elvis is chilling (sleeping?) in the loft

Vienna is probably just about home right now!


Georgia guessed it! Sewing!

Elvis is pulling weeds outside

Brooks is pulling water beads out of the bin and pouring water back and forth from container to container

Delilah is trying to play with Nova, but Nova is wandering around to her own tune. 8 hours of big kids is a lot!


Cara's having a cold one :)

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