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July 8th

Vienna and I started the day chillin' with the pigs. She spoke for Ginger and I spoke for Dolly, and we had fun watching the pigs go through the tube and back again exploring, speaking for them.

After morning snack we went to Atkinson's park the back way, through another little magical mystical primeval forest. Delilah and Brooks enjoyed swinging from some vines, and there was much collection of snails and slugs. Vienna had 10 in her hands at one point! We even got to see a couple of slugs mating which was very interesting, bubbly and slimy. Then there was swinging and picnicking, a game of hide-and-seek, and a social distanced encounter with a woman (Becky) and her dog (Bandi) who turned out to be my across-the-street neighbor! Some kids found a steep hill to slide down on their butts, a bit more challenging getting up! Good times except for when Vienna took a spill and skinned her knee. Georgia managed to carry her half way home!

A very nice guy showed us how his sawmill works and demonstrated turning a log into a beam. He gave us a nice piece of wood, but I think we left it there. I might go get it...I might not.

Elvis has learned to draw representationally and has some amazing stories to go with his pictures.

There has been much talk of armadillos at Rivendell recently. I'm not sure why, but they rather captivating!

Everyone enjoyed 'potions lab' in the morning, and especially the contributions from the 'visiting wizard' (he did look a little like Levi), of ingredients such as hemlock, nightshades, sacred water, moon flowers etc...they are never 100% sure things are not as they appear...

And Georgia can knit and walk at the same time.

It was a most excellent day.

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