• Cara

July 7th

In case you are wondering...

about the pom-pom challenge:

Morning snack: 5 cherries = 0 pom-poms

Lunch: either 1 bean from Brooks' bean plant or a quarter piece of corn on the cob=0 pom-poms

Afternoon snack: 1 slice of dehydrated peach=4 pom-poms.

I conclude they are completely unpredictable.

about quiet alone activities:

Elvis cuddled up on the couch under a cushion and a blanket

Brooks mostly played with legos

Georgia knitted

Delilah played with the guinea pigs and painted rocks

Vienna also played with the guinea pigs and painted rocks (which is not exactly alone, however it was calm and quiet and that's the most important)

I think quiet along activities are appreciated by all

about a morning circle time:

Elvis chose doing ring-around-the-rosie

Vienna chose having a drum circle

Brooks also chose doing ring-around-the-rosie, (but with complicated conditions)

Georgia chose 'stacking'-piling people on top of each other -but that got kind of wild

and Delilah chose taking the guinea pig outside, which is not exactly a 'circle time' activity, but when it's time to go outside, it is time to go outside!!!

It was a pretty good Tuesday all around!

and credit for the awesome first picture go to Delilah

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