• Cara

July 2nd

Since I overlooked Elvis a little yesterday, today I payed close attention. He spent the morning stacking up the magna tiles, then smashing them down with the fire truck. Then he went in the loft and watched Brooks as he built his 'potion machine'. Then he came down and pounced on Brooks and they rolled around for a while. They said they were armadillos! The boys went in the Sorcerer's room of Darkness, and when they emerged, Elvis ran a stroller up the loft a few times and wrestled with Brooks until I redirected him with a different bin of magnets which kept him busy until snack time.

And then we went adventuring, hiking up the trail at Waterford Park which I called the magical mystical forest. There is something primeval about it. We were enjoying poking around the rocks and exploring when a woman came by and said she had seen a coyote the other day, and that the coyotes would be hungry and protective of their kits and that scared everyone. Elvis saw some 'coyote eggs!!!!' (mushrooms), and we found 'coyote fur' (I think seed pods of some kind), and tried to find an app to identify poop...and they saw all sorts of coyote dens. But we found a nice place to picnic and continued up to Promontory Point.

On the way home we stopped at La Tourette Park for more snacking and resting, and I will say these kids are all excellent adventurers (even when they wear the wrong shoes and have smushed pinkie issues).

Now have a great weekend.

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