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July 23rd

Happy Birthday, Lisa. Rivendell had you in their hearts today.

Are you tired of guinea pig pictures yet? Well we are not tired of guinea pigs at all. Or fish. Or axolotls. Or bugs. Or cats. Much focus and attention on all creatures big and small. Delilah is really training them to stand up on their hind feet. It's pretty cute. And the individual character of each pig becomes more distinct as we get to know them.

Today we (the girls and I) harvested blueberries, lettuce and tomatoes. After snack, everyone drew a shape on a piece of paper which we then transferred to wood, and then I cut them out with a scrollsaw- a tool with a very small stationary blade- and let the older kids (the younger showed no interest) do some supervised cuts. They were very engaged and careful. I think we will do some bigger project in the near future.

Water squirting fun in the afternoon sun kind of went south. I wish it were easier: water+sun+wet=fun. Voila!

I hope everyone has some watersunfun this weekend.

(what do you think of this format, just for something new...)

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