• Cara

July 21st

My big discovery today is that Georgia likes doing dishes, and is competent enough to actually do them!

Brooks is an enthusiastic and helpful chef (well he's actually the assistant chef, but...) and he enjoys preparing a mac and cheese meal, and a platter of red foods (pom-pom challenge is eat five red things, and they can't all be grapes! Three pom-poms earned).

The guinea pigs survived another day of heavy loving. My question often is, if you were a guinea pig, do you honestly think you would like that? Of course this led to Brooks pretending to be a guinea pig and me picking him up by the waist, squeezing him a bit, and shaking him up and down. Of course, he loved it.

We read a book about the color of your skin that Lisa brought, and everyone was interested in comparing skin tones, and learning about what makes our colors different, and talking about our ancestors. Thanks.

And finally we played with water squirters. We established rules together- don't squirt anyone unarmed, don't squirt anyone refilling, no face squirts, stop means stop....-and everyone broke all the rules. And we had fun anyway.

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