• Cara

July 1st

Quite a few pom-poms got added to the bottle today when kids ate 3 pieces of fruit (strawberries and/or bananas and/or apples), and black beans at lunch.

Brooks is still focused on his room for the dark arts. I'm expecting an acceptance letter from Hogwarts for him any day now.

Georgia is rockin' the butt scoot and she did almost all fifty yoga poses with me in the morning.

Delilah is all about the guinea pigs, and was sad when I moved the guinea pigs upstairs after she removed one from the cage without asking. ONLY TEACHER opens the cage and extracts guinea pigs. Tomorrow will be better and Delilah has already created a playground for them.

Vienna made more things for BoBo, enjoyed the watercolor painting, played with yellow playdoh, and is all around a pleasure to be with.

And did he do all day?!

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