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Here's something that happened...

We were walking home from the Wedge, and Miele saw some little mushrooms, and she stomped them. Lincoln got upset and told her she was bad and mean and shouldn't hurt Mother Nature and that stomping mushrooms is not nice. Malcolm also stomped a worm, which got a strong response from everyone. The rest of us agree that stomping worms is not cool. It's okay to pick 'weeds' like daisies and dandelions, and who would say anything about stomping on them? We walk on them all the time. Of course it's not okay to pick anything in someone's yard. I think that stomping mushrooms is actually good for them propagating and spreading their spores, but I'm not too sure about that. I also like to leave beautiful mushrooms we come across for other people to appreciate. So I'm kind of ambivalent about mushrooms.

Sometimes there just aren't hard fast rules.

Respect for each other. Respect for rules. We all have different ideas.

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