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January 8th

Today we welcomed Winry, Jonah, and for a little while in the morning, Vienna (she officially starts tomorrow) to Rivendell.

Having 6 kids changes logistics a little, and we modify our routine as we needed. With 6, we'll be eating at the 'art' table, and bathroom breaks involve a diaper party for me and the Littles, and the Bigs go up together. I do remind them more often that I am not an octopus when doing things such as helping with socks and jackets (or passing out plates or paint brushes or, well, anything really!), and I'm encouraging the Bigs to help the Littles. Well actually, I try to encourage everyone to help everyone.

And it's great having our group filled out. There's a critical mass that helps make circle and loft story successful, and Winry and Jonah picked right up on all of our routines. They already seem like Rivendellers.

So yeah. It was an excellent day.

A couple things to note in the pictures:

  • Elvis's straw booby traps on the stairs

  • The empty mats at rest time. (It just wasn't happening...)

  • The multiple playdoh sessions

  • The pillow-kid pile (and they managed to stay safe!)

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