• Cara

January 7th

Welcome back and Happy New Year.

If only there were captions...

*Elvis cuts a piece of cardboard into tiny pieces. That's a lot of work!

*I'd say they are as good as they look.

*Elvis and I whip up a batch of banana nut muffins.

*Elvis beats me fair and square.

*Elvis loses a game of Sequence For Kids and declares it a bad game. And admits that if he had won, he would think it were a good game...

*We make a 'tornado' which requires some experience and finesse to get spinning, and Elvis is very persistent at trying until he gets it.

*Game on. Elvis tries to hit me. I try to hit Elvis. We both get a lot of exercise throwing things up and down the loft.

*Elvis makes himself dumbbells.

*Playdoh for all. Eliana is looking more and more like a preschooler.

*Lunch back at the circle table. It's a bit of a challenge to keep them all at the table, but once someone is done, everyone else is likely to abandon lunch...

*And that is all that is left of all four pumpkins.

*When we come in from outside time, it's drawing-at-the-table time. Good practice for The Future...

*Elvis asks me to dump a whole bucket of water down and enjoys the wave of destruction.

*On our way to inspect our little pumpkin experiment...

*Elvis lets the wind blow the bubbles.

*Rowan tries the trike Elvis likes and has come to think of as 'his'. I assure him it's not.

*Scarlett pushes Erik along. Elvis's intentions are dubious...

*Then it's Elvis's turn to push the girls (Erik hops on for about 2 seconds, but isn't sure about this swing).

*Tradition: group swing to an alphabet song.

*Not sure why his head is cut off, but that's Erik creating a great big pile of soft things to slide into. He has mastered ascending and descending.

*bathroom break/fish watching

*loft story (we abort after a few pages cuz it just ain't happening!)

*butterfly shadow art project. They are all engaged.

*we snack at the art table, practicing for tomorrow when we are joined by Jonah and Winry. We'll no longer fit at the circle table.

*Elvis and Scarlett rock Dance for the Sun while Erik runs around in circles and Rowan watches from the couch.

*We start circle with a Mo Willems story. Rowan and Elvis stay to the end...

*impromptu dance party!

*I'm very happy with the amount of seeds spilled today!

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