• Cara

January 4th

Welcome back!

It's a bit of an adjustment for all of us to go from cozy, familiar, wonderful (boring!) family time, to exciting, action-packed, sometimes challenging, quick-paced preschool. But we're getting back into the swing of things, remembering how to walk safely together as a group, and to contribute to the good of the whole (none of them really wanted to do their chores today because they were SO busy playing, and we didn't even have afternoon snack because they were SO busy playing, but I think-hope-things return to 'normal' tomorrow).

I've invited them on a 'trip' to China here in preschool, and during this next month leading up to the Chinese New Year, we'll be sampling exotic foods, reading stories with a Chinese connection, doing crafts and arts projects, and learning bits and pieces about Chinese culture. Excited to see where it goes.

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