• Cara

January 31st

Today Elvis, Vienna and I went on a little field trip to the library. I'll bet they are rather tired tonight, but they are both great walkers. We decided to look for cats, dogs, and signs of spring as we walked, and the end tally was zero cats, nine dogs, and daffodils, crocuses, and interesting buds on trees. There was a special treat at 823 JQ Adams street where all sorts of creatures were hidden about in the rocks. Elvis and Vienna cooperated in finding and collecting each item and sorting them into piles, counting them, and squealing with delight at each find. Thank you folks at 823.

Also, Pigeon has been playing a large role at Rivendell, and he seems to pop up in all sorts of place.

And the ornament on the bush remains from Christmas Eve when our family took a walk and distributed all the ornaments that didn't quite make the cut! I am pleasantly surprised.

Tried making some homemade paint with flour and salt, but were not particularly impressed with the formula we got. But that stop us from turning it into a sensory experience.

I'd say it was a most excellent day. And that wraps up January. Have a great weekend.

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