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January 30th

What a gorgeous start to the day.

Are you really tired of seeing pictures of the tire swing, the kids eating meals and the sensory bin? Should I try to post only sort of 'new' things? Or does it work best to continue as is...after all, they do really love that tire swing (especially Vienna), and sharing meals is an important part of every day, and it does help show what happens any given day.

Anyway today's excitement was definitely the Potions Lab, where they combined four mystery white powders (flour, sugar, salt, and baking soda), and six colored liquids (dish soap, vinegar, water, maple syrup, oil, and high fructose corn syrup). They mixed and stirred, poured and measured, smell and tasted, and they all sat at the table for over forty minutes (until almost all the liquids were used up).

Some things they said:

Rowan: Smells like an ocean! And apples! What the heck? Mine is sparkly...

Vienna: This is kind of weird. We're doing experiments with these.

Elvis: I'm a cool scientist. Mine looks the coolest when I mix it. Did you know that you could laugh to death? Delilah told me.

Vienna: This is turning into goo.

Elvis: Wow! I did not expect that.

Scarlett: Beautiful. Rowan, do you want some blue in there?

Rowan: Yes.

Scarlett: Do you want some over there? Here...

Rowan: No!

Scarlett: Mine is so full. Look, it's sooooooooo slimy.

Rowan: Mine's turning into goop too.

Elvis: This is boring.

Cara: What does boring mean?

Scarlett: Bored means you don't have any friends. Vienna: Bored means wasted time.

Cara: Alexa, what does bored mean?

blah blah blah.

Of course they said a whole lot more.

Also a woman named Deng stopped by to make sure I am feeding everyone healthy nutritious meals, and she happened to be Chinese, and she taught us to count to ten!

It was a good day. And in the afternoon, Elvis, Vienna and I walked down the street to the Eastham playground (even if we are not technically supposed to be there), and enjoyed a picnic and a fun play structure.

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