• Cara

January 28th

Some of the good things:

  • Brooks lucked out and got the baby Yoda tongue tattoo

  • Georgia, Delilah and I explored 'acroyoga' and managed some fun poses

  • The choir practiced again (though not as long as Delilah hoped)

  • Everyone did some amazing 'blob' paintings

  • We got to frolic with Shredder, Maple and several other dogs at the field

  • There was a glorious rainbow!!!

  • The slide has been installed at Latourette Park leading us to believe that progress is slowly being made...

  • Elvis made beautiful art with his peanut butter sandwich and veggie sticks

  • We saw Coco and Freckles (?), the rabbits, and chatted with our friendly neighbors

  • Delilah and Georgia gave art and writing lessons to Vienna and Rowan

  • And Grogu did his own acrobatic tricks

We also had opportunities to practice strategies for dealing with conflict. Stand up for yourself. Walk away. Practice Kindness. Ignore. And remember that if someone is misbehaving, it's usually because they are feeling unloved, left out, frustrated...don't take it personally. And turn to your teacher!!!

Have a great weekend

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