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January 28th

Today the tops of the photos seem extra chopped off, so here's a different format to try, where for mysterious reasons, the tops aren't so cut off. Feedback welcome.

Ni Hao. Today I took them on a little journey to China (the globe lasted about 2 minutes before it was violently spun off the table. Oh well), and we read some stories about the zodiac, did some crafts (okay, honestly, I couldn't interest anyone in making a paper lantern, but we did other drawing, cutting and taping), and I introduced them to some new foods:

chicken and veggie potstickers: 4 thumbs down, 1 thumbs up

rice: 5 thumbs up

tan qua: 5 thumbs down

crispy coconut rolls: 5 thumbs up

So welcome to the Year of the Rat. I'm a Monkey. Preschool is filled with Tigers, Rabbits, Dragons, and maybe a Snake. I think that means we are all a wonderful match.

In the afternoon, among other things, Elvis, Vienna and I played a game of 'guess what it is', making designs with the magnets and inviting each other to guess what they were. Elvis would tell us how many tries we got (10 for Vienna, 4 for you, Miss Cara!), and then we would have fun making interesting creative guesses. But the answers were always even more creative:

'It's a car going down the road shooting out bananas'

Elvis: 'It's a body thrower machine. It goes along growing and throwing body parts-faces, bodies, butts, arms, fingers...that's what it throws. It even throws penises and vaginas.

Vienna: Too crazy!

Elvis: Is it? Yeah. Too crazy. Too crazy. Too crazy.

So you see, my days are very interesting!

(and I'm not sure why the 2 year olds push each other from time to time, because no one really likes being pushed. I guess it's because they are two!)

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