• Cara

January 22nd

We went outside twice today without getting wet

We drew with oil pastels, and painted with water colors

We had a reasonably restful storytime/rest time on the couches

A lot of time was spent 'at the beach' in the white sand, (and surprisingly little escaped the bin)

We explored the 'neon yellow cloud clay', and played with playdoh too

We examined our names up on the whiteboard and noticed which letters are in multiple names. Erik is our letter expert!

At times, the Bigs don't want the Littles around and it's a balance trying to be inclusive, and also sometimes to have some space (while remaining kind and gentle...)

The 2 year olds seem to really want to play games that are a little too complex for them to actually play...

We did some careful balancing and weighing on the scales (but mostly they like to pile them beyond full and then some more after that!)

And we read a lot of books!

Jonah: she's going in the loft...

Cara: is Elvis a girl or a boy?

Jonah: she's a boy. A boy with long hair.

Cara: Yes. He's a boy with long hair.

Another busy Wednesday in January :)

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