• Cara

January 16th

Today at lunchtime, I asked them 'what would you like to learn about? Dolphins? Dinosaurs? Weather? Marbles? What interests you?'

Vienna: Frozen. Freezing superpowers. And learning how to drive.

Jonah: Cars and giraffes.

Rowan: Dogs. And sharks.

Scarlett: Caitlin and Allen. And lions. And I shouldn't say drunk!

Elvis: I don't know. Nothing.

Winry: ---- (me: I think you like cats...) cats!

so we'll have a very interesting curriculum emerging, blending in with the core subjects of Respect, Kindness, Creativity, and Integrity.

Today the 'spin art' was a big big hit, and the sun came out enough for us to have picnic outside in the afternoon! (Vienna's excellent suggestion). And we fit six kids on the tire swing. And met a dog named Jasper who was quite friendly and exuberant, but all of these brave kids pop right up when they get bowled over. And and was a good day.

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