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January 15th

  • we got to play with some ice outside today and avoided rain yet again

  • Elvis got to see the surgery in which Joel removed the atrophied arm of the axolotl (not for the faint-hearted, but it will regenerate)

  • Winry made it up the loft slide by herself

  • Erik mastered removing his socks

  • Rowan enjoyed running vehicle after vehicle off the slab down the hill in the grass

  • Jonah led us in a Heavenly Father prayer at lunch time (and made a really cool magna tile marble run on the ramp)

  • Elvis played a lot of games with the kids, then played more games with me at the end of the day

  • Scarlett was a super star cleaner upper today both inside and outside

and we had a little discussion at lunch about 'what can we do when a kid is doing something you don't like':

  • Rowan: Flush him down the toilet!!!

  • Jonah: Say 'could you stop that? Please, pretty please stop that? '

  • Elvis: Throw them out the window. The water bottles, I mean. (?!)

  • Winry: No!

  • Erik: No!

  • Scarlett: Please stop that please....

(I confess that the 'flush them down the toilet' comes from me sometimes when we start the problem-solving process to lighten things up. And of course I insert ideas like 'move away', 'take some deep breaths and pause', ask a teacher or friend for help).

mostly it's fun and laughter, hugs and kindness though.

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