• Cara

January 10th

Having a full house is exciting and busy and good for group activities.

Having just two kids is great for developing deeper relationships, and really being able to respond to each person's desires and needs, and to have the time to work one-on-one (I guess really I should say one-on-two).

And it's just kind of chill.

It was an outrageously awesome day for big bubbles, which ripped across the field every which way. Vienna just likes to chase them, and Elvis and I like to blow (and chase) them. And I like to try to capture good pictures.

We befriended a bee who appeared on the carpet at lunch time. Vienna is not scared at all and very observant. It's great to have someone like that aboard because a lot of us don't notice or care about such things. Until we stop and truly see.

The squid hanging up is to show you we enjoyed a good game of hide-the-squid. These two know how to hide and to keep a secret!

And the pictures tell the story of the rest.

Have a good weekend.

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