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Happy Halloween.

The pictures are in chronological order today! Woohoo!

We kept it on the lowdown here at Rivendell, except for a ghost hunt to find all the hidden ghosts and return them to the haunted block house. The girls kept getting distracted from the mission, but then they would find another ghost and renew the search.

The hex bugs are a hit. They are fun to watch.

Scarlett likes Levi's jack o lantern best, and Rowan likes Audrey's. No one chose mine...

Watching the fish during restroom breaks has become a very engaging activity.

Another tea party using every single thing in the kitchen. I wondered aloud 'what would happen if your mom or dad took every single thing out of the cupboards and fridge and put it on the table.....Scarlett replied 'I think I'll put some things back'.

We had a great time with the parachute taking turns going under, and bouncing the ghosts around. Unfortunately, it did not go so well at pick-up time when we invited the parents to join us. Maybe another day...

We had many adventures on a walk around the block today. We met a very friendly kitty, who not only let us pet and stroke it, but seemed to really enjoy it and she followed us up the street. We found a wonderful maple tree with plenty of leaves to mound and jump in and lie in and throw around and kick and roll in. I still have leaves in my hair! We chatted with a neighbor artist who showed us a couple of her paintings. And finally we met a couple of adorable dogs named Bella and Gertrude. Gertrude?! Yes, Gertrude.....

And there were games and painting and meals and stories and so much more....

So...TRICK OR TREAT!!!! (and don't forget about the Switch Witch who can trade a bunch of unhealthy candy for a lovely little toy!)

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