• Cara

February 7th

Elvis has invented a guessing game in which he makes a design with magnets, and blesses you with a certain amount of guesses (usually between 3 and 12, but sometimes up to 80) to figure out what it is. Sometimes he gives a clue. Vienna enjoys it too.

Vienna: Ready. You both have ten guesses.

Elvis: What are we guessing? This, or all of it?

Vienna: All of this.

Elvis: This is really easy. It's a boy playing a gun game and he saw a soldier's head in it and he was trying to shoot the soldier but he was too late because he was out of bullets.

Vienna: No.

Cara: A man in a cage?

Elvis: I'm not playing this game any more. It's so boring...

Vienna: It's another guy shooting a little arrow at him to be dead.

(of course as soon as I start transcribing their conversation, they end the game, but we had already gone through many rounds of this rather surreal game).

The rest of the day was a lot of playing, forts, some drawing, some painting, a little parachute play, meals, a storytime-restime, and of course, fun on the tire swing. Elvis and Vienna get along very well and are mostly on the same wavelength, and Elvis even accepts Vienna hugs. That's special.

Then a little after 3:00, Elvis's siblings, Brooks, Georgia and Delilah, joined us. We ate popcorn, did a lot of rock painting and art, and there was a lot of playing in the loft. It was a most excellent day, and delightful to see Delilah's WELCOME rock sitting on the stairs.

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