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February 6th

Happy Birthday, Vienna!!!! You've come such a long long way in the last five years and we are so glad you joined the Rivendell community.

The birthday balloon survived until 8:57 when it was impulsively pierced by a sharp object . A lot of fun was had until then, and it's probably good it popped. There is definitely such a thing as 'too much fun'.

And then a whole lot more happened including a delivery of birthday cupcakes by Vienna's grandma and pop-pop, lots of tire swinging (we can fit six on the swing when we try!), games including an entirely student-led game of Caribou Island which impressed me, shaving cream sensory fun, and rock painting. And Vienna and Jonah had a blast bumping each other off the slab down the hill in the rocketship, and then pulling up together and doing it again. And again. I think they'll both be rather exhausted this evening....

Also we have a little bird friend we've named Banana. She's yellow. Vienna's favorite color, in case you didn't know!

The pictures tell the story.


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