• Cara

February 4th

There was a lot of laughter and good cheer at Rivendell today!

We began with an obstacle course...

Finished our scaly fish with at least some participation from everyone...

Got messy painting a galactic water background

Got more messy playing in shaving cream

Went for a rambling walk in the misting rain

Georgia sewed a 'bendy' (creature from some video game) which pleased Brooks immensely and provided much creativity for the rest of the day (she also made a 'mendy', little sister to Bendy)

Delilah attempted to make diapers for the guinea pigs (but they ended up as overalls for Bendy)

Rowan and Brooks colored a Yoda together

Elvis sat in a tiny doll stroller drinking from a baby bottle much to everyone's amusement

And we brought a little light to the free lunch lady with an appreciative painted rock.

It was a really good day. Love these kids.

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