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February 4th

The first half hour of this Tuesday is spent revisiting the science experiments from last Thursday. They mixed and stirred (and added bits to each others experiments without asking much to the recipients dismay). Word of the Day: viscosity. Don't worry, it won't be on the quiz. Then they discover the new additions to preschool: a playmobile set, and a shape puzzle, and the rest Free Play is spent exploring those items.

Circle was rather chaotic despite the new visual plan: yoga, songs, book. We managed Lion Pose, and sang a song for each, and then just moved on to snack. Mealtimes seem to be the best calm space for reading.

For art we explored using a piece of yarn as a paint brush, and made some interesting patterns and marks. Not surprisingly, the activity morphed into finger painting.

Everyone stayed warm outside chasing bubbles and drawing with chalk, and of course, spinning and swinging on the tire swing. Erik approached it several times, but decided not to mount it at the last minute.

It was a high energy day, with lots of running around and squealing. The lion's 'roar' was a high decibel scream, and there were moments of drama, with quick and strong reactions to perceived slights, and actual pushes. All that mixed in with hugs and declarations of love.

In the afternoon, Elvis and Vienna played and played and played, and it took a little enticing to get them to paint and make crepes.

Happy February. It was a fine fine day.

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