• Cara

February 27th

Today was Jonah and Winry's last day at Rivendell, so without going overboard, I made the day all about them. We will miss Jonah's passion and enthusiasm for just about everything, from painting to gluing to building to reading to blowing bubbles, and, well, everything. Jonah is openly loving, and I know Scarlett and Vienna will miss holding his hand and getting big hugs. Winry is a little more reserved, and was mostly quiet at Rivendell. But she kept up with the big kids and kept close tabs on her big brother and tried whatever he did. She explored every activity fully, and loves to get messy. And she manages to get messy when no one else does! Winry was so quiet, I sometimes wouldn't realize she was getting into something (like dumping out all the games, or pulling all the bins with sensory stuff in them out, or pulling all of the paints off the shelf...or that time she quietly took sand from the sensory table and went back and forth filling up dishes in the kitchen area...)! But Winry also likes to clean up and put things back where they belonged. She was also often the first to offer empathy to a friend in need.

We'll miss you, Jonah and Winry, and are glad you joined the Rivendell community, even if it was only for a short time. So long.

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