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February 26th

Scarlett sets the tone for the morning with "I missed you, Jonah. I didn't see you in a million weeks. I love you". And it's a high energy morning, that is also very cohesive. There is great excitement at the art table (they didn't make the suggested butterflies, but they had a marvelous time squeezing out large puddles of glue, stirring it up, then adding pom-poms and eyeballs, and anything else they could find), then suddenly they were done and moved on with great excitement piling rocks onto the balance scale, then great enthusiasm transitioned to engineering trains, and of course, everybody then went up into the loft. Even clean up and circle time was fairly cohesive!

And the pictures tell the story of the rest. I was particularly impressed that Winry was able to dump out all the games with all their pieces on the floor in the time it took me to get some granola bars and tangerines upstairs for our picnic.

We never get tired of big bubbles either, and Jonah befriended some big kids (12?) and played frisbee with them. In case you are wondering, workers fixed the hole in the wall, but tore up the ground with their trucks. So now they have reseeded the area, and put a fence around it.

What a beautiful day.

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