• Cara

February 25th

A few thoughts...

  • Everyone has been playing very very nicely together

  • Georgia is a whiz on the sewing machine and designed and created a couple of spiderman hoods for Brooks and Beky

  • Kick the Can is an excellent game blending tag and hide-and-seek. It's nice when we can get everyone playing the same game

  • We enjoyed our old slimes, and Delilah made some new

  • I gave Delilah the phone (camera) to enjoy in the tent while I did dishes. I think you can tell which is her work

  • Free Lunch was a success today because of the Doritos!!! (and we processed the rest in the dehydrator

  • A wet umbrella walk turned into fun in the puddles and little rivers

  • Elvis and Rowan joined Beky for yoga. Beky is a rock star when it comes to doing her schoolwork

  • We've been exploring weights, weighing ourselves and various things

  • Stencils and dabber markers resulted in some great art

  • And finally, you will notice Brooks, doing his classwork. Bravo!

Now have a great weekend and see you Tuesday, when I will be fully vaccinated!!!

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