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February 25th

Elvis filled all the dishes in the sensory table with bird seed and declared it a plant shop. He offered to sell his plants to everyone. And then he decided to name the plants. There was Rainbow Poopface, Alleluia Peanut Butter Poopface, Peanut Butter Buttface, Alleluia Buttface and Baby Butt Poopface. He had quite the business for a while.

It does get a bit scatological in preschool from time to time. I don't make a big deal of it. It runs its course quickly. Usually. At lunch I interrupted scatological conversation with a book.

Painting daffodils (or just painting and being color mixologists) was popular this morning too. We added some blue food coloring to the water in the vase and will wait and see what happens. They all seemed to think nothing would happen....

A new addition to tire swinging: going Supersonic Speed.

Outside we started building a fort-wall-barrier between our property and that of the school district where there is a very steep brambly path that some intrepid explorer might be tempted to's no match for Trump's wall, but hopefully a deterrent.

After lunch Vienna and Elvis played with magnets together for a long time and allowed no teacher interference. Works for me. I have plenty to organize. And then we went for a walk in the neighborhood. I see so much more when I walk with preschoolers than when I walk with myself.

Twas a good Tuesday.

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