• Cara

February 20th

Everyone was at their most charming during a morning visit with a boy named Ian, and then it got a little wild and crazy at snack time. I put on my ear protectors! But we headed out after snack to the Jackson Fields with the Blue Blanket, which always comes with entertainment. Today we brought books, drawing supplies, and the parachute. The kids would run free for a while playing tag and hide-and-seek, and I'm not sure what else...then they would regroup and chill at the blanket. As the weather gets better, we'll often bring a little bit of preschool outside.

'Standing on the fire hydrant' was also added to the walk routine with includes 'hugging Old Gnarly', and 'kicking the bell' by the administration building. What next?

The pictures tell the story (a piece of it anyway) of the day. Elvis and I spent the last half hour searching the premises with metal detectors, but I don't think I have the patience and persistence for that. Elvis does!

And, our beans, peas and sunflowers are growing!!!

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