• Cara

February 19th

What they loved most:

  • the water beads in the sensory table (Thank You, Sophie!!!) which are a lovely experience for all (though an exercise in self-control for some with the impulse to squish them and throw them on the floor). Elvis and I drained them at the end of the day and wonder what they will be like in the morning.

  • the slide. It just never gets boring to throw all the pillows and animals out of the loft, and then slide down the ramp every which way, and then throw everything back up and do it all over again. Even if one gets squashed from time to time.

  • the slide outside was popular today, and then I brought it out on the grass by the track to provide an activity other than riding vehicles, where it was even more popular.

  • the art activity was quickly over, but everyone participated and was happy with the results: painting with bubble wrap mittens.

  • the afternoon experiment of mixing conditioner with cornstarch kept the afternoon kids busy for a long time. It was rather messy!

  • and a new tire swing trick was explored today: riding standing up. With no hands. Bravo!

  • and everyone always likes to eat!

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