• Cara

February 13th

Self-control: the ability to master one's desires an impulse.

For example one could...

use self-control to tell your body to sit down and not stand on the bench at lunchtime!

use self-control to bring one's body to the red carpet at circle time

use self-control to change that high-pitched scream into some words

use self-control stay on one's mat during story-rest time

use self-control to stop your body from crashing into another vehicle...

And then on the other hand, I noticed that

self-control was used..

to keep the slime on the table

to swing with no hands

to wait for turns playing Caribou Island (and Star Wars dominos)

to listen through a long stack of books (they picked them! I only asked them to choose one!)

to take turns on the slide

to pour a little water carefully to water our plants

I predict we will all sleep well tonight! Extra thanks to Sophie for the wonderful Valentine's wands.

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