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February 11th

Snapshots from our day....

9:00 Rowan and Scarlett are hugging and rolling on the red carpet. Erik is exploring the marble run. He is very scientific about it and is not satisfied using it the standard boring way. Vienna is doing the number puzzle.

10:00 We are finishing circle time at the whiteboard, studying the word LOVE, and I invite them to trace the word or write their own letters one and a time. We did have to go outside a few minutes before so that everyone had could scream and yell in a more appropriate space. (Happy screaming though it was).

11:00 We are outside. Vienna is pushing the tire swing with her foot with Scarlett. It's too fast and spinny for Rowan. She is in the play house peddling ice cream (for free, of course) to Erik and me. But then she won't serve Erik. Erik is throwing his ice cream cones as high as he can in the air.

12:00 Vienna is playing with the marble run, trying to keep Erik and Rowan away. But she's getting frustrated. I remind her the game is for everyone and she might want to do something else if she doesn't want to share. Scarlett is setting up magna tiles on the ramp. And Elvis is chilling in the loft. At lunch he reports that he was sleeping.

1:00 Erik leaves with multiple 'goodbyes' (once he accepts the fact that he is leaving). Calm and quiet descends. Vienna and Erik explore the marble run. I go do the dishes.

2:00 We plant seeds (peas, beans and sunflowers) in a jar with paper towels and water. I am wondering how be to coordinate this project with the two year olds...stay tuned!

3:00 We abandon a game of Operation half-way through. We all agree it's a bit too hard to remove those tiny ailments with those tweezers. It was fun watching his nose light up, but I don't think any of us will be brain surgeons.

4:00 Vienna and Elvis are playing in the loft. They are jumping separately and together, launching themselves into the pillows-3-2-1 blast-off!!!!

5:00 Elvis is running marbles down the ramp. Thanks Lisa for the wonderful addition to preschool.

(and I included a random picture of myself with my daughter Jaden, just cuz)

(and that picture with my hand shows 'quiet coyote', which means the decibel level is too high. It's not very effective, but every so often it works...)

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