• Cara

December 8th

A fine day was had by all, albeit rather loud (happy). Not unusual at all! All I want for Christmas is a magic remote control that can control the volume, and also freeze the action at any given time!

I'll settle for health and happiness and having all of you in my life.

(Also, I casually mentioned that in the past I have had preschool sleepovers -epic events- and would have one someday and invite everyone. Probably around Valentine's Day (perhaps leaving you with a date night or time to clean the house). They seem to be very excited about this idea. Usually kids come around 5, have a pizza party, dance party, ice cream party, pajama party, sleepover, and then parents come back in the morning for a potluck brunch. Anyway, I though you should know what that is all about if they mention it!)

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