• Cara

December 5th

Well, here's what I learned today: turtles breathe out their butts. 'The turtle is perhaps most notable for its ability to breathe via its anus. The process, known as cloacal respiration (or more colloquially know as 'bum breathing') allows the turtles to extract oxygen directly from the water. And apparently, this tidbit of information comes from Frozen 2, as I was informed by Elvis.

My question: why do turtles have noses then?

What they learned today: a bunch of more ephemeral sharing, and being kind, and techniques for managing anger, and trying new foods, and how fun it is to knock down lego guys with hex bugs, and how quickly birds discover delicious food sources, and how to invent a game with just markers and a few dice, and much more.

So have a good weekend, and keep an eye on those turtles!

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