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December 3rd

A big thanks to the Dallal's for sharing Hanukah with us this week. We all learned a little bit about this celebration together, and got to share latkas (potato pancakes), doughuts (sufganiyots ?), homemade applesauce, and the lighting of the menorah. And Miele taught us all how to sing O Hanukah. (Lincoln asked me to be quiet to that he could listen to Miele's beautiful voice solo).

My phone was updated and it looked as though I had a new function to add captions below the pictures and not have to insert them into the pictures. But apparently that was my wishful thinking, and all those captions I wrote least I did a few the old way!

The week ended with some epic primal screaming on everybody's part. I was about to join in (if you can't defeat them, join them!), but then of course it got too loud for someone (other than me), and well, that's how it goes.

It was a good day. Love these kids.


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