• Cara

December 3rd

Today was Delilah's last day of being 9 at Rivendell, and I invited her to be the photographer of the day. I think she is really really good. And she gave me a bunch of tips. I included a lot of pictures (and only a small fraction of the total), even though you may not want to look at 20 pictures of guinea pigs. Her portraits are amazing. I only took the ones that she is in.

But for some reason they are getting chopped off when I get them on the blog. Very sad.

Highlights of the day include Show-and-Tell, forts with boxes, painting dough ornaments, school work (you may wonder why Brooks is under Robbie's desk during his Morning Meeting. I have no good answer), fun with dogs at the field, riding bikes (Brooks really rode a bike for the very first time today! Bravo!), sharing meals and what not....

Have a good weekend.

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