• Cara

December 1st

Delilah says: ok now time to start. me and dolly and ginger went to the field lets see um oh yeah! we baked guinea pig treats and the boys smashed oats and guinea pig food. then we pourd it to the blender while it was mixing i opend the lid and pourd apples in! it w3asd funn geuss what i pet 4 dogs they were all sisters! names were nova,freya,jerseyand halsie! they were all border collies! well im out of ideas we did si\o much stuff today it was fun but i mean i frogot it all but a fact is robbie laughed his head of ! by! 🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹

And I say: it was indeed a most excellent day. Lots of fun with boxes, magna tiles, cutting snowflakes, and making ornaments. Georgia was amazing in the kitchen, helping with making lunch, then doing the dishes, then mopping the floor with the mop socks. We also brought a broom to the dugouts and a garbage grabber, and left it a better cleaner space. (And more or less did our school work!)

Happy December!

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