• Cara

December 11th

Too bad Rowan's head is chopped off in the first picture and trust me that a couple vanished, but the pictures are in order today!

Note that soon after arriving and briefly exploring the various stations, Scarlett was able to rally her friends to go outside and race around the track. And it wasn't raining!

Other highlights include painting the salt dough ornaments, exploring the overhead projector further, delving into all the bird seed (and Erik was very careful pouring from one container to the next....until he wasn't!), and watching fish eat one of their less fortunate tank mates. It might have been one of the yellow bumblebees....I was amazed to get a magna tile structure all the way up to the ceiling without any interference. Yay for developing impulsed control...

In the afternoon, Elvis ended the day beating me in a game of Sorry, a game of War, and a game of Spot It.

Voila. C'est tout.

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