• Cara

December 10th

Today I took a break from being the chronicler. Except for the picture with Delilah and Georgia that shows how sad they were to hear that Robbie would be moving on from Rivendell. We all are, but glad to have another week together.

But just for something different, I thought I would show you my family.

Rocket: Queen feline

Joel: husband extraordinaire

Mom: there is no better

The Christmas cactus: blooming right on time Kaia: The eldest daughter. (A woman after my own heart playing with power tools).

Matthew and Audrey: seniors in this lame time of Covid

Jaden and I: we've come a long long way

My brother and I: some say there is a bit of a resemblance

Nova and Yoda: they speak for themselves

Back to your wonderful children next week!

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