• Cara

December 10th

Scarlett: Say you like me.

Elvis: I like you 152 forever and forever.

Scarlett: You're my favorite Elvis.

Today was the last day without rain in the foreseeable future, and we went outside twice. We got to enjoy the blacktop track and all the new (old) vehicles while staying dry. Elvis has claimed the big tricycle, Scarlett seems to like the scooter, Rowan spent most of her time in the rocketship, and Erik likes to see what happens when he pushes the vehicles down the hill. He is also willing to push his friends, either around the track or down the hill, whichever way things go....

So that was pretty exciting!

The overhead projector also got a lot of kid time, as did the birdseed. It's a lot easier to pour seed on the couch than it is to return it to the sensory bin. And in the afternoon, Elvis and I made salt dough ornaments for us all to paint tomorrow.

And let me say, starting the week with a coffee from Starbucks AND a poinsettia is about as good as it gets. Thank you.

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