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August 29th

What a lovely day!

We went adventuring to the Elevator and Promenade walk, and made finding seeds a mission.

One game we play as we walk is 'license plate letters', in which we make up words to fit the letters. Thus

ETN became Eats twin nuggets, Elvis takes nibbles

LGL became Lion gobbled lactose, Lion giggles, laughs

LJS became lion jazz studios

FWN became ferrets won't nibble.

We also got permission for a masked visit to the Christmas zoo store, and Wow! what a lot of amazing things to look out. The big grizzly bear costs $6000, in case you were thinking of buying it!


Elvis made it across the monkey bars for the first time

Georgia found a basketball and dribbled it all the way to the picnic spot and back (reluctantly sharing it from time to time with Delilah)

Delilah got to pet a Saint Bernard and several other dogs...

The tent almost blew away

Delilah noticed that the floor at the Elevator is actually a street map (something I never noticed)

Pom-poms are now available to anyone who can find a house built before 1844

And big kids like these still have a lot of fun doing ring-around-the-rosie.

What a great bunch of troopers.

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