• Cara

August 28th

What does a day in Corona Camp have in common with a day on a float trip down the Lower Salmon?


Here at Rivendell we are enjoying these last days of summer break, and getting ready for 'school'. We are following some of the new protocols handed down from the Early Learning Division: taking temperatures on arrival, and wearing masks (well, just to use the bathroom upstairs). I removed the sensory table (:, and all the dress-up clothes (except the cloak Brooks loves so much, but we won't be sharing that one).

That's enough for now.

The funniest part of the day (for me), was when Elvis came running up out of breath: 'Miss Cara, Miss Cara. This is really bad. I didn't do anything. But this is an emergency. I don't know how, my hands, my hands somehow put the hex but in the axolotl tank!!! This is really bad'. Fortunately Delilah volunteered to remove the hex bug and all is well.

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