• Cara

April 13th

Teacher Cara Says: It's a little sunny now, but the weather forecast calls for 100% chance of rain while we are out. And it's pretty cold. I'm wearing my T-shirt, my long-sleeved shirt, my sweater, my raincoat, and my rain jacket. And my hat. And my scarf. I like to be nice and warm even when it's cold and wet. If I get too hot, I can take it off. I strongly advise that you wear your muddy buddy to stay dry and a jacket to stay warm. And socks! Wear socks to keep your feet warm and cozy toesies and to not get blisters.

Children hear: blah blah blah blah

so some got wet and miserable and cried and missed their parental units

and then I gave them lollipops

wonder what outside attire will be tomorrow.....

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