• Cara

August 13th

Today I liked...

  • Making waffles with Elvis and seeing him set the table 'Elvis Style'. I've noticed these kids are really enjoying one-on-one time, which is sometimes hard to arrange, but well worth it.

  • Watching Georgia dance fully expressed when she first arrived, and mop the floor with the mop socks on both hands and feet using some very acrobatic moves!

  • Working with Georgia and Delilah (one at a time with the other one keeping an eye on the boys who occasionally have some less than ideal ideas...) in the wood shop teaching them to use the orbital sander and the drill press.

  • Reading a story at lunch. Reading is so good for all of us and they are a receptive audience.

  • Learning to play a new card game called Zeus on the Loose, which is great for math skills as well as talking about Greek mythology.

  • Walking around the neighborhood putting up Rivendell posters made by Delilah, and noticing signs of fall (and cool 'corona virus' looking seed pods).

and most of all,

  • Watching Brooks clean up with everyone else!!!!!

Twas' a good day.

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