• Cara

August 11th

Delilah wraps up this day for you:

I'm Delilah a 9 year old girl that feels [trans] im autistic and LOVES dogs [ and other animals] today i saved a bee from drowning in the water gun refill bin. i was SO glad to not be stung because i held it on my finger tip. one of the things that made my day [well yesterday] Im getting a bunny! his name picked from the breeder is Meeps. im probaly going to change it . the thing that made Today was ms cara gave me fish and i baught a african dwarf water frog in a fish bowl. but today i had a mixture of feelings i was sad/happy. because i am getting a rabbit and because my rentel house does not alow two pets i had to give them up. i gave them to ms cara in her guppy tank with a filter the frog will be put back in the fish bowl down stairs so i can have him on my desk for school. i got the coolest online school spot! myn is in front of the axolotl tank so i can watch them swim swim swim! vienna getts one right infront of the window to say by to her mom lisa! and to look at the rainbow bottles. georgia gets one next to the sewing machine her favorite hobby. and elvis gets one beside her. and last brooks gets one under the loft. well i hope i wrapped up are day! wrap up joke. what does the loaf of bread say when he adores someone? i Loaf you. Loaf you all!

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