• Cara

April 7th

Recycling our cardboard pizza rounds from yesterday's lunch, I thought, hey!, these could make excellent waitperson trays. So I put them out on the carpet with all of the food from the play kitchen, and wondered what the kids might do, and showed them how I carried my tray when I slaved at Pizza Hut many years ago.

And today the magic happened. (Often they ignore my prompts, which is just fine).

They spent a long time challenging themselves carrying trays. They set up the Happy Hill Cave (it was going to be cafe, but Miele's F looked like a V, so we went with that). They made menus. They made ice cream cones. They drew, they glued, they cut. We talked about the various jobs - waitperson, hostess, chef, dishwasher, and we talked about taking turns doing the different jobs (we were going to do that at circle, but by that time it seemed like some jumping around and dancing were more in order).

Anyway, it was a nice morning, followed by a gorgeous afternoon.

(Excuse the random photo from Joel's meeting. It snuck in and I'm not sure how to remove it)

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