• Cara

April 6th

Nature's first green is gold.

- Robert Frost

This happened:

It's almost rest time, and I come down the stairs with Malcolm, (the last to use the rest room). The other five angels are more or less on their mats, more or less looking at books, for which I congratulate them. It's not always such a bucolic scene. We put away the books to get ready for the story, and Miele mentions that she changed her feelings face on the door from Happy to Mischievous. I ask her if she did something mischievous. No. No. No. Then Lincoln informs me that he also changed his feelings face to mischievous. I ask the rest whether perhaps something mischievous had happened while I was wiping butts, and Rowan pipes up that Miele and Lincoln were planning to go into the upstairs bedroom (decidedly not part of preschool!) when I wasn't looking. They assure me that they were thinking about it, but definitely not really going to do that. Then we read the story (Halloweiner) and sing a song or two (Dream a Little Dream and Ripple, during which there is a certain amount of quiet whispering over in the Miele/Lincoln corner), and are about to get into our chapter book (the BFG) when Lincoln informs me that both he and Miele need to poop and that it may take awhile. I tell Lincoln he can go first, and Miele can go when he comes back, but he insists she should be on deck (by the fish tank)...

Nope. You go.

He comes down about half a minute later and says it was a quick one. Miele says actually she doesn't have to go any more.

Hee hee hee. Foiled!

(I wonder what they do get away with though!)

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