• Cara

April 30th

Today was slower paced than yesterday. The big event was bringing a couple of guppies down to the axolotl tank, to hopefully develop a symbiotic relationship between the two. Molly ate the first one within 5 minutes and #2 was still alive when we returned from a walk, but more. Joel however gave 2 guppies to Delilah and hopefully they will fare better in the Hughes household. Georgia was all about finding slugs today, and Vienna spent a long time on a collage for Mom. Brookes exerted a lot of self-control and restraint at the beginning of the day, not so much towards the end. A lesson for all of us. He was very busy skirting ghosts with the water squirter. And Elvis had a good time with the grabber, picking up trash and leaving the neighborhood a better place.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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