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April 23rd

I so wish the kids could each blog and that I could have a glimpse into their perspectives, because obviously, we all experienced this day through our own lenses, and that which is 'of note' to me, probably isn't even noticed by them. That said, there is some sort of shared reality.

Today, we:

  • made snow globe/potions in little bottles using ingredients including oil, corn syrup, food coloring, water, and all sorts of little things.

  • had a dance party with the disco ball, and these kids are all fully self-expressed and have some excellent dance moves.

  • did some wall climbing at the Jackson Field (and Brookes hatched five adorable little balloon babies)

  • crafted, using the glue gun, tape, material, popsicle sticks (Delilah made another bird feeder) and more...

  • played with the doll house, manga tile marble runs, loft stuff (Georgia made a remarkable tower of stuff so that she could have a bell up BY the loft without actually being in the loft, to comply with the NO HARD STUFF IN THE LOFT rule.

  • took turns riding the tricycle to the LaTourette park for an afternoon picnic

  • interacted with animal creatures such as Rocket, Milo, Cleo and Alex (the crazy neighbor's dogs), a slug, a snail, and finally a tiny little mole.

  • and Vienna and Elvis are hanging from the monkey bars and almost ready to take the step and drop on their own. Not quite.

Everyone seemed a little bit tired (I really don't think it was me), and emotions sometimes rode high. There is a lot of nurturing to see between the older girls and the preschoolers. It was a good day.

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